What we make


We make quality, durable, attractive raised beds for growers. We are based in Newtown, Mid Wales.

Radical Raised Beds

  • Highly durable and attractive wooden construction
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Excellent growing results
  • Made in Newtown, by a local social enterprise
  • Range of sizes

Designed to make growing your own vegetables easy in any kind of garden, be it stately home or small concrete square.

Fill with a mix of soil, sand and compost and you can start growing anywhere!

set of our raised beds at our horticulture training centre in Newtown

Set of our raised beds at our horticulture training centre in Newtown

Designed specifically to cater for all levels of gardening expertise, even someone who’s never grown a thing in their life could have a healthy salad or vegetable garden growing in no time at all.

With even our smallest beds you can grow a surprising amount of organic and healthy food for yourself and your family all year round.

Tough, simple to use and versatile

Put one on your patio, your lawn or even outside the front of your house to show your neighbours.

They are easy to assemble, needing only a cordless screwdriver, they can be flat packed if you need to move them and they can even be stacked on top of one another, so why not buy a few and build a crazy planting system?

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